Blood Sample


  • To help blood flow, take a hot shower or bath just before you collect your sample.
  • Stay standing, with your hand below your waist and your arm straight.
  • The safety needle isn’t painful, but if you’re nervous, you could ask someone to help.

1. Wash your hands with warm water then unpack the kit on a clean surface. washing hands image

2. Use the alcohol wipe to clean one of your middle fingers, and let it dry. clean finger image

3. Twist the tip of the safety needle to break the seal, and remove the cap. open needle image

4. Place the safety needle on the finger, and push firmly to activate. The needle activates once. using needle image

5. Wipe away the first drop of blood with a clean, dry tissue.

6. Gently massage the finger from the base to the tip (using a milking motion) to allow drops to fall into the tube. fill tube image

7. Fill the tube to the upper line on the side (marked 600). We may not be able to test samples below the 400 line.

8. If you are unable to collect enough blood, we’ve included spare needles, so try another finger (or 2).

9. Apply a plaster to your finger, then tightly press the cap onto the tube. Please wipe any blood from the outside of the tube.

10. Gently turn the tube upside down 5 times and then place into the transport pack. flip the tube around image