Will my results or details be shared with anyone else?

Your results and details will only ever be used for the purpose of delivering the SHL service. Information collected by us as part of the test request process will be accessible along with your results to the following parties:

  • Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust (CWFT) – As the clinical service partner for the London Sexual Health e-service, CWFT performs all patient management for the service and will have access to patient records.
  • Lloyds Online Doctor (Expert Health Limited) – as the provider of postal treatment for the London Sexual Health e-service, Lloyds Online Doctor will only have access to your details should you opt into the postal treatment route where offered.
  • London NHS Trusts – NHS Trusts based in London that are partnered with the London Sexual Health e-service. These trusts are only able to access records where they have or have been provided with multiple patient identifiers. Access is required by the trust to review the record and confirm your details should you attend or engage with a trust’s physical services.

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