Who will my results or details be shared with?

Your results and details will only ever be used for the purpose of delivering the SHL.UK service. Results and further information collected by us will be accessible to the following parties:

  • Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust (CWFT) – As the clinical service partner for SHL.UK, they can access all patient records.
  • Lloyds Online Doctor (Expert Health Limited) – as the provider of postal treatment for SHL.UK, they will only have access to your details if you are eligible and opt in to receiving remote/postal treatment.
  • London NHS Trusts – NHS Trusts based in London that are partnered with SHL.UK. If you attend or are referred to a NHS sexual health, these services can access your record in order to manage you safely and appropriately. Only restricted staff from London NHS Trusts have access to SHL.UK records, and in order to do so they need a number of patient identifying details.
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