Accessing your results FAQs

When will I get my results?

We endeavour to complete your tests as soon as possible. Most samples received in the laboratory are processed and tested within 48-72 hours of receipt. Your results and sample progress can be tracked online by logging into your account on

How do I receive my results?

An SMS will alert you that your results are available to view on the portal. You will need to log onto your account at You may also receive some results over the phone by one of our Health Advisers. If receiving positive results this way isn’t acceptable to you we advise you to attend a clinic for your sexual health screen.

I returned my test, but I’ve not heard anything?

You can track the progress of your test kit by logging into your account on If you haven’t received your kit please email If your kit was sent over 5 days ago and has still not been logged as received, please also email so we can issue you a replacement kit.

What happens if I have an infection?

If your test results indicate a potential infection you will be contacted and informed of your results - this will be by viewing them on your account ( or being called by the SHL Health adviser team. Depending on the infection (genital Chlamydia only), you may be offered the option of postal treatment. If this option is not available you should seek treatment via your local sexual health clinic. Occasionally some of our tests (e.g. for syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B) test positive/reactive initially, indicating an infection, but when you attend a clinic for further confirmatory testing the results are negative. The latter usually means no further action or treatment is required. Such cases are called false reactive/false positive results. The chances of this happening can be common when the rate of infection in the population being tested is very low. Receiving a reactive result can be stressful and you may experience a slight delay in getting confirmatory tests performed in a clinic, before finding out if you are truly infected or if you have had a false reactive. If receiving reactive/positive results over the phone isn’t acceptable to you we advise you attend a clinic for your sexual health screen. Some clinical services provide rapid HIV point of care tests (POCT) to select groups of patients - this is where you receive your result within minutes of having the test. If you have a reactive HIV result from SHL it can be helpful to attend a clinic that offers HIV POCT as this can help gauge the likelihood of it being a true positive or a false positive result.