You are advised to order a new STI test

As part of our quality checks, we have discovered that the blood sample you recently provided took too long to arrive with us, so we cannot be confident of the result. Your test showed a non-reactive (negative) result, and while it is likely this was accurate, it is advised that you get tested again to confirm this result.

If you have not had an STI blood test again since your last test with us, please order a repeat test here or through your local sexual health clinic. If you have any problems ordering a test or have concerns please call 0333 344 4462 or email

If you have completed an STI blood test since your last test with us no further action is required.

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More about this issue

An issue with our system has meant that the sample collection date was not recorded correctly for a small number of blood sample tests. This means that some people were given results reported as negative, when the sample took too long to arrive with us so we cannot be certain of the result.

While we do not believe there to be a significant risk of your results being inaccurate, these results were issued without having met our usual high standard of quality control and test assurance.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience or concern this might cause you.