How do I get treatment?

Depending on the infection, you may be offered the option of remote postal treatment. If this option is not available, we advise you attend your local sexual health clinic. You can find details of your local sexual health clinic by logging in to your account and press "Find a clinic" or visit The team can help you be seen in the sexual health clinic if you are having difficulty attending for treatment.

Gonorrhoea and syphilis: These infections cannot be treated with remote postal treatment – we advise you attend a sexual health clinic because they usually require injectable treatments and further tests will be offered. For gonorrhoea for example there is a global problem with gonorrhoea drug resistance and culture tests are needed to indicate what type of treatment is going to work.

Chlamydia: Most individuals can access treatment via our remote treatment service, however some are required to go to clinic because you need: investigation or treatment for multiple infections; have symptoms suggestive of LGV; have symptoms suggesting you have developed complications requiring further investigation and/or a different and / or longer treatment course; Lloydspharmacy online doctor, our online treatment partner, have identified another reason and they will advise you accordingly.

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