Clifden Centre

Clifden Centre
Clifden Centre, Homerton University Hospital
Homerton Row
E9 6SR


9am - 4pm
5pm - 7pm
9am – 3pm
Under 25's
3pm – 6pm
12noon - 6.30pm
9am – 3.30pm
Out There Clinic
5pm - 7pm
9am – 3.30pm

This clinic has 244 SmartKits in stock for collection.

Current stock includes 101 Type B (for urine and blood sampling), 104 Type C (for swab and blood sampling) and 39 Type D (for swab/urine, rectal, throat and blood sampling).

Homerton provides sexual health services at its four locations, HIV care at the Jonathan Mann Clinic, and a range of outreach services

We want to help you enjoy happy and fulfilling sexual lives. Our services are friendly, free and confidential.

When there is a high demand for our walk-in clinics, we sometimes have to close early. We are very sorry when we have to do this.

If you would prefer to see a doctor or nurse of the same gender as you, please ask at reception. You may have to wait a bit longer, and occasionally this may not be possible.

You can also have a chaperone to support you and make you feel comfortable during an examination.
If you have any other needs during your visit to us, please let any member of staff know.

  0208 510 5158

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Offers Asymptomatic Screening
Services for Symptomatic MSM/Trans Patients
Services for Symptomatic MSW Patients
Services for Symptomatic Female Patients
Offers Chlamydia Treatment
Offers Gonorrhoea Treatment
Offers Syphilis Treatment
Offers HIV PEP
Offers Hepatitis B PEP
Confirmatory Testing for HIV, Hepatitis C or Hepatitis B
HIV Management Following Confirmation of Diagnosis
Offers Hepatitis B Vaccinations
Offers Emergency Contraception (Pill)
Offers Emergency Contraception (Coil)
Offers LARC (Implants)
Offers LARC (Coil)
Offers General Contraception (inc. Depo Injection)
Offers Drug Support Services
Offers Alcohol Support Services
Offers Chemsex Support Services
Offers Young Person’s Services (for 16-17s)
Offers Young Person’s Services (under 16s)
Health Adviser Support Available

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