What do I need to tell the clinic?

If you attend your local London sexual health clinic for treatment or further testing tell reception staff, there you have been referred from SHL.UK. Most sexual health clinics in London have access to the SHL.UK portal, but some do not. For those that do you can show them a PX code sent to you by SMS which can help staff at the clinic find your record on the SHL.UK portal more easily. The staff can see your record and our notes about what extra tests/treatment/support you need. It is important to us that we know you have been managed correctly – staff can feedback to the SHL.UK team by writing on your e-notes – but if this is not done we may need to contact you directly to ensure you have been safely followed up.

For clinics that do not participate in the London e-service/SHL.UK programme you will need to inform the staff there about your results and relay what is required. Alternatively, there is a sharing function so that you can share your results with the healthcare professional. The healthcare professional can also call the SHL.UK team to confirm the management plan.

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