Treatment FAQs

How will I get my chlamydia treatment?

If you have tested positive for chlamydia only and have no symptoms you can request treatment online through this service.

Once your request is approved, you can click and collect your medication at any Lloyds Pharmacy (including those in Sainsbury’s stores), or choose next day delivery.

Why can’t I choose next day delivery?

If you are 16 – 17 years old, you will only be allowed to click and collect your treatment from a Lloyds Pharmacy.

Do I have to pay for treatment?

No, treatment is free.

How long does it take to get my treatment request approved?

On a weekday, our doctors aim to assess your questionnaire and approve treatment within 1 hour. At the weekend, they aim to do this within 4 hours.

Where’s my order?

If you have selected next day delivery, you can use your tracking number to track your order through the DPD website.

If you haven’t received your tracking number, please message us by logging into your patient record, or call us on 020 7989 9888.

The pharmacy can’t find my prescription. What should I do?

Ask the pharmacy to contact us on 020 7989 9888.

How do I know if my request for treatment has gone through?

Once one of our doctors has assessed your request, you will receive an email and a message in your patient record.

I want to change my click and collect / delivery option – what should I do?

Please message us by logging into your patient record, or call us on 020 7989 9888.

How long do I have to click and collect my treatment?

We will hold your prescription for up to 6 months, but we recommend you get treated as soon as possible.

I want to speak to a doctor about my chlamydia treatment – how can I do this?

Our doctors are happy to help with any questions you have about your chlamydia treatment. You can contact our doctors by logging into your patient record and sending a message. If you're unsure how to do this, call us on 020 7989 9888.